Meet our Founder

Ashley Nordman.

As someone who struggled with acne for most of her life, A|N founder, Ashley Nordman knows firsthand how debilitating it can be dealing with breakouts and other skin concerns. Ashley also battled health conditions, hormonal problems, and anxiety for over 10 years before finally taking matters into her own hands - healing her mind, body, and eventually her skin. This newfound confidence she achieved by healing and loving her skin inspired her to do something bigger.

Through her education and experience as a licensed medical esthetician, and fueled by her fiery passion to help others, Ashley set out to bring positive change to the lives of others who have experienced similar struggles. With laser-focused determination and the willingness to take a leap of faith, Ashley created A|N Skin & Beauty in 2020 with the goal of helping as many people as possible love their skin and feel more confident.

As a small business owner, A|N’s supporters are Ashley’s inspiration. She prides herself on really listening to her community and learning exactly what their needs are. In just 2 years, Ashley has helped thousands of people achieve the complexions of their dreams and the confidence they deserve with her lineup of over 30 stellar products. Whether you’re struggling with acne or sensitive skin or you’re focused on anti-aging or sun damage, Ashley knows just how to help.

In addition to creating safe and effective skincare products, Ashley is also passionate about overall skin health, living a balanced lifestyle, and properly educating her community so that they too can feel confident in making educated decisions for themselves. Ashley understands that skin health involves much more than just the products we use. It also involves our lifestyles, the words we say, the thoughts we hold onto when we look in the mirror, and the information we consume. By taking a more holistic approach when it comes to skin health, Ashley has been able to empower many people even beyond their skincare, to live healthier, happier lives.

“As we have evolved to help others with a multitude of skin concerns, it is beautiful to see the brand blossom into so much more. And we are just getting started.” Ashley Nordman, A|N Skin & Beauty Founder & CEO

If you’d like to be a part of Ashley’s community, you can follow her on Instagram @ashnordman or stop on by the A|N Skin & Beauty Storefront in O’Fallon, Missouri to meet Ash and the team in person!