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What does “medical grade” mean?
Medical grade means that these products contain stronger and more concentrated ingredients than you can find over the counter at a store such as Walgreens or Target. Medical grade products also go through extensive quality testing, are backed by science, and are formulated to create change in the skin that brings lasting results.
I’ve never used medical grade before. Where should I start?
We typically suggest starting slowly when adding in medical grade products for the first time. Medical grade products are more active and contain higher strengths, so it is important to let your skin barrier adjust and to begin with a few products at a time. This is why we usually suggest our gentle trio to start out on, and then we always suggest adding in a facial sunscreen as well, to protect your investment.
When and how do I use the products?
Skincare products can be used in various ways, morning and night. And since everyone’s skin is different, it is best to start by taking our skin quiz which will explain exactly when and how to use our products.
How long will the product last?
It depends on how frequently you use each product and how much of each product you use. However, we find that most daily products (cleansers, toners, and moisturizers) last around 8-10 weeks. Serums and targeted treatment products tend to last much longer, anywhere from 12 to 24 weeks.
Can I use this with my dermatologist rx?
Many of our products pair well with topical medications that dermatologists prescribe. However, medications can make the skin more sensitive so keep that in mind and please reach out to your provider if you have questions about what you can and cannot use while on a topical medication. Usually, topicals are used in lieu of active, targeted products such as pads or serums.
Which products are pregnancy/breastfeeding safe?
The only products you need to avoid while pregnant are products that contain retinol. Our 0.25% Retinol Pads and our Body Smoothing Retinol Lotion contain this ingredient.
Who do I contact if I need to cancel my order?
You can contact our customer service team at or use the chat feature below!
Who do I contact if I need to change my shipping address?
Please contact us at We may not be able to change your address if your order is already processed and shipped, so please reach out immediately if you need shipping address changes.
Where are you located?
We are located in O’Fallon, Missouri and have a warehouse and storefront at 113 W. Pitman Street. You can find our hours on the Storefront and Contact Page of our website!
Is your line cruelty free?
Yes! We are 100% cruelty free and always will be!
How can I find how many loyalty points I have?
Loyalty points can be found when you log in to your Loyalty Account - this is labeled as “Rewards” on our website. You can also find your points when you log in to your account to view your recent orders. You’ll see a “Check my points” button that you can click.
How do I redeem my loyalty points?
Once you log into your Loyalty Account, you will see your points on the Loyalty Program page. You can simply click “Redeem Now” where you can select how many points you wish to redeem and apply to your order. It will then generate a code that you copy and apply at checkout. If you have an issue with your points or the code copying, you can simply go to “Reward History” and view the code again.
How long should I wait between applying each product and how do you know a product has fully absorbed into the skin?
It is a good rule of thumb to wait one minute between applying each product to your skin. You know it is fully absorbed once you no longer feel anything wet on the skin.
How long should I wait to apply a serum after using a Retinol or Exfoliating Pad?
Apply serums one minute after the previous product application. However, with Retinol products, we suggest that you skip using a serum and go straight to using a moisturizer.
What makes A|N different from other medical grade brands and products?
A|N was founded by a Licensed Medical Aesthetician who creates only high-quality, science-based skincare that is proven to create change in the skin. Our formulas are paraben and sulfate-free, cruelty-free, and lab tested. Every product from A|N is formulated to bring the best results possible. These products are truly medical grade, as they contain potent levels of active ingredients.
If I use one of your toners after a sweaty workout, do I need to use any other products after that or is just the toner alright to use?
We always suggest cleansing the skin, using toner, and then moisturizing after sweaty workouts, but we also understand that most of us don’t have that kind of time during a busy day. In these situations, you are welcome to use just a toner on the skin as this alone will kill bacteria and clean out the pores, preventing acne and breakouts.
Should I alter what products I use based on the time of year?
It is a good idea to change your skincare routine with the seasons if your skin gets noticeably dryer during colder months, and/or oilier during summer months. When your skin is more dry, it is best to be more cautious when using retinol, exfoliating products, and serums, and to boost hydration with a thicker moisturizer. When your skin is more oily, it is best to exfoliate more often, regularly use retinol and exfoliating pads, and to possibly use a stronger cleanser.
Can I use the HA Collagen Boosting Cream after the 0.25% Retinol Pads or just the Daily Hydration?
We suggest only using moisturizer after any and all retinol products.
Which serums should I use in the AM and which one should I use in the PM? Can I use more than one at a time?
Antioxidants should always be used in the morning, so we suggest using the Brightening C Serum in your AM routine. You can always use the Liquid Filler Serum or Chlorophyll Correction Serum in the AM instead, but make sure that if you choose to incorporate the Brightening C Serum, that you opt for that one in the morning. At night, you can use the Chlorophyll Correction Serum or the Liquid Filler Serum.
How many times can you use retinol products during a given week?
When starting out with retinol products, begin by just using retinol once a week. As your skin adjusts, you can add in retinol 2-3x a week. In some instances, people can tolerate using retinol more than 3x a week but we find that most people do well with 2-3x a week.
What is the best product for dark spots?
Dark spots take a multi-faceted approach, where you need to have antioxidant protection, sun protection, and exfoliation. We suggest using our Brightening C Serum every morning, a facial sunscreen daily (such as our HydraGlow Tinted SPF), and Exfoliating Pads or Retinol Pads to exfoliate and resurface your skin.
What is the #1 recommended product for women ages 50+? What about 60+?
The best product women can use for anti-aging is sun protection, such as our HydraGlow Tinted SPF. The second best product women can use is our Liquid Filler Serum to plump the skin, improve elasticity and smooth fine lines.
What is the shelf life of products unopened?
Unopened skincare products are good for 2 years.
What is the shelf life of products once opened?
Once opened, products are good for 6-12 months. This is dependent on the individual product and how you store it. We suggest that you keep your products stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Always screw on lids and caps tightly.
What are Retinol Pads used for?
Retinol Pads have many uses. They can help with healing congestion and acne, resurfacing the skin to make it more smooth, preventing wrinkles and fine lines, tightening the skin, evening skin tone and improving overall complexion.
What is the best way to apply A|N body products?
We suggest using our Body Glow Exfoliating Cleanser in the shower a few times a week to exfoliate and soften the skin. Next, it is best to use either the Body Smoothing Retinol Lotion or the Body Hydration Antioxidant Lotion after showering. Focus on problem areas with the Retinol Lotion (and use up to twice a day in these areas) and then use the Antioxidant Lotion as an all-over moisturizer.
I’ve heard of people putting their skincare products in the fridge! Should I be doing this?
It is up to you if you want to put your skincare in the fridge! Keeping your skincare cool can absolutely keep the ingredients more potent (as heat can break down the efficacy of ingredients), and it also provides a lovely cooling effect on the skin. Many times, people prefer to place their serums or hydrating moisturizers in the fridge so they are cool when applied. However, it is not necessary to place your skincare in a fridge as long as they are stored in a cool (between 60-74 degrees ideally), dry place.
Do I need to reapply my tinted SPF at all, even if I work indoors?
You do not need to re-apply your sunscreen if you are not outside. When outside, it is best to re-apply your sunscreen every 2 hours.
Can you use the Charcoal Mask as a spot treatment?
Yes, you can! The charcoal mask makes a great spot treatment and can be used on problem areas, congested spots, and even on body acne.
In the summer heat, I start sweating shortly after applying my morning
routine. Am I sweating off all the product?
You are not! The product absorbs deep down into the skin despite the fact that you begin sweating.
The Vitamin E Scar Gel says to apply twice a day. Should I be applying it in my AM and PM routine? If so, where should I work this into my routine?
You are welcome to use the scar gal in your daily skincare routine if using it on your face. You will want to use this right after applying serums and moisturizers, as it will lock in those ingredients. How we suggest applying: cleanse, tone, serums, moisturizer, scar gel, SPF.
What product do you recommend to help diminish a significant facial scar?
We suggest our Retinol Pads, Vitamin E Scar Gel, and HA Collagen Boosting Cream.
I’ve used drug store products my whole life - should I expect a detoxing/purging period when first using my new medical grade skincare?
Most people do not experience a detox or purging when switching to medical grade, however, it is always possible that your skin could purge. The reason for this is that your pores will begin to exfoliate better when you use stronger products, which can then pull out underlying congestion.
What is the best cleanser for acne prone skin?
The best cleanser for acne-prone skin will be the Oil Control Cleanser.
At what age would you recommend starting to use medical grade skincare?
You can use medical grade skincare as early as you feel necessary. We typically suggest that everyone in their 20s begins using higher quality products, but we often have preteens and teens using our line as well to combat acne.
Which products are pregnancy/breastfeeding safe?
All products are pregnancy and breastfeeding safe except for retinol-containing products such as Retinol Pads and the Body Smoothing Retinol Lotion.
Are A|N products made in the US?
Yes, all products are proudly made in the US!
When using medical grade skincare for the first time, is it best to gradually work in one new product at a time?
We do suggest gradually diving into our skincare line if you are new to medical grade products. Our Gentle Trio is a great place to begin.
What is purging and what is that process like? What can I expect and how long does it typically last?
Purging happens when the pores of the skin begin to exfoliate properly and congestion begins to surface. Skin cells turn over every 28-30 days, and it takes about two full skin cycles for the skin to begin to clear once purging. This means, it may take about 8-12 weeks to get past purging and see clear skin.
How can I prevent aging spots on my hands?
The best thing you can do to prevent sun spots on the hands is to wear sunscreen on your hands daily, and to use our Brightening C Serum daily as well.
How do I layer my products?
We suggest going in this order: 1. Cleanser 2. Toner 3. Serums or Pads 4. Moisturizers 5. SPF in the AM
What products are best for redness/hyperpigmentation?
The best products for redness and hyperpigmentation include our Chlorophyll Correction Serum, Brightening C Serum and sunscreens such as HydraGlow Tinted SPF.
What is the best product for men if they only want to add in one product to test out?
We suggest starting with our Daily Essential Cleanser, or Exfoliating Pads.
Will the Natural Sunless Tanning Foam sweat off in the summer heat or come off in the lake/ocean?
Once the tanning foam has been applied and has developed for 6-8 hours, you wash it off. After washing off the product, it will not sweat off. It will gradually fade over the course of 3-6 days.
What products are best for active breakouts?
The best products for active breakouts are: any of our Cleansers, our Charcoal Mask, Exfoliating Pads and/or Retinol Pads.
How do I figure out my skin type and what products are best for my specific skin type?
Take our FREE 9 question skin quiz and you will learn about your skin type, and what products are best for your skin!
Are the lippies gluten free?
Yes, they are!
How many steps should I have in my skincare routine?
It depends on your goals and how many products you need for your goals! If you want to keep it basic, we suggest that you have 4 main steps: cleanse, tone, moisturizer, spf. You can easily add in additional products/steps such as serums, pads, and other targeted treatments.
Is there such a thing as using too many products together?
Yes. There are instances where people can use too many products together. Often times, people experience problems when using multiple actives at one time, such as using serums, pads, and prescription creams at the same time. A basic rule of thumb is to use only one active product each time you apply your skincare to avoid irritation. The worst thing you can do is sensitize your skin barrier and cause a reaction. If you ever have questions about your skincare routine, you can always reach out to our customer service team.
How much of each product should I use?
For cleansers, we suggest using 1-2 pumps. Toners will require 3-4 sprays. For moisturizers, we suggest 2 pumps for the entire face. With sunscreens, we suggest 2-3 pumps for the entire face. Serums will need about 3-5 drops. For pads, you will use one each time. Masks will require about 1 tbsp of product. Any other treatment products will most likely involve 2 pumps.
Do I need to moisturize? Especially if I have acne-prone skin?
Yes! Moisturizing is essential in a skincare routine, and while it might seem counterintuitive to use moisturizer when your skin is oily, it is actually not! When your skin is oily, it is because there is an imbalance of oil and moisture on the skin, so adding in moisture can actually calm down oil production on the skin and improve acne. We suggest our Daily Hydration Moisturizer for acne-prone skin as our Intensive Nourishing Cream will be too thick for oily skin.
Do you do any testing/third party research for your products?
Yes, all products are third party tested and many of our products have case studies backing up their efficacy.
Can I use a cleanser in the AM and a different one in the PM?
Absolutely! We suggest it! All of our cleansers work well together, and many times you will have different needs in the morning versus the evening. Many people love to use a gentle cleanser in the AM, such as our Gentle Foamy Cleanser, and then will switch to a deeper-cleansing one in the PM, such as our Daily Essential Cleanser or our Oil Control Cleanser. Both deeply cleanse the skin, remove makeup, and rid the skin of dirt and oil from the day.
What products are recommended for people who have been on Accutane before?
Accutane sensitizes the skin and stops oil production. Because of this, the skin is more dry and reactive. If you are currently using Accutane, be cautious when adding in medical grade skincare. We suggest waiting until you are off Accutane for six months before you begin using actives, such as retinol, exfoliating products, or active serums. Most people on Accutane do really well with our gentle skincare products, such as the ones found in our Sensitive or Gentle Trio.
Can the Mattifying Mineral Powder SPF be used over makeup as a setting powder?
Absolutely! That is what it is designed for! Our mineral powder can be used to mattify your makeup, as an SPF protector to go over makeup, and to provide nice coverage to even the skin. We also suggest pairing the Mattifying Mineral Powder SPF with our HydraGlow Tinted SPF and using it on top of that for the perfect SPF Duo!
Does the Body Smoothing Retinol Lotion work on stretch marks?
Yes it does. That is what it was created to target and improve! The powerful ingredients in this lotion help firm, smooth, and tighten the skin, improving scars and stretch marks, as well as loose skin.
Is the Daily Hydration Moisturizer strong enough for super dry skin?
Yes! This moisturizer is lightweight and oil-free, but it is strong enough for dry skin. However, we suggest using the Intensive Nourishing Cream once a day as it is specifically formulated for dry skin.
I am using medical grade skincare, but what additional lifestyle changes could I make to improve upon my skin concerns?
Skincare is important, but it is also imperative that you drink plenty of water daily (8 cups), physically protect your skin from the sun when outside for long periods of time by wearing a hat, get enough nutrients from fruits and vegetables, and sleep for 6-8 hours.
I’m on a budget - what should I prioritize in my skincare routine?
We suggest starting with one of our Trios. Our Trios include all the essentials and are available at a discounted price.
Do you recommend applying the Natural Sunless Tanning Foam on your face?
We do not recommend using any body products on the face as the skin on your face is different from the skin on your body. Our tanning foam could potentially clog your pores and cause breakouts.
Best product to apply to heal a sunburn properly?
Our Chlorophyll Correction Serum is the best way to heal a sunburn, calm redness, and soothe the skin.
Should I wash my face with cold or hot water?
We suggest washing your face with tepid water, which is not too hot or too cold. Adjust your water temperature to a lukewarm temperature.
How do you apply A|N skin pads?
Do you do one swipe or rub on your face multiple times? Swipe a pad across your entire face 1-2 times and then toss the pad out.
Are your products non-comedogenic?
Yes, all products designed for the face are non-comedogenic and will not clog pores or cause acne.
How often should you exfoliate? Face and body?
It is best to exfoliate the skin on the body 2-3 times a week with our Body Glow Exfoliating Cleanser. For your face, you can exfoliate with a chemical exfoliant (such as acids) almost every day if tolerated. A great exfoliating product is our Oil Control Cleanser which contains Salicylic Acid, our Exfoliating Pads that contain multiple acids, or our Retinol Pads which contain Retinol.
What are your thoughts on various facials in combination with your products?
We recommend pairing our skincare products with facial treatments to boost results. Peels, facials, and lasers are great complimentary services to pair with our products. For post-procedure, we suggest our Gentle Foamy Cleanser, Chlorophyll Correction Serum, Intensive Nourishing Cream, and Mattifying Mineral Powder SPF.
What are the best products for kids/preteens?
Kids and preteens thrive on simplicity. Because of this, we recommend that they use just 2-3 products. Typically, kids and preteens do well with a Cleanser, Exfoliating Pads, and a Moisturizer.
Can A|N’s mineral sunscreens be used on babies?
Babies are not advised to wear sunscreen until 6 months of age. Once a baby reaches 6 months, they are able to use our sunscreen products. We recommend them because of the formula and how gentle it is on a baby’s sensitive skin.
What do you recommend for hormonal acne?
Hormonal acne is tough to address as figuring out the root cause can take time. However, skincare products can really help improve breakouts and bring down inflammation quickly. For hormonal acne, we typically suggest our Acne Bundle. Please take our skin quiz to see what is best for you and your acne concerns!
Do you need different products morning vs. night?
In the morning, you will need a facial sunscreen (HydraGlow Tinted SPF) as well as an antioxidant (Brightening C Serum). In the evening, you will not need either of these. You will want to use products that boost hydration (Intensive Nourishing Cream), deeply cleanse, and target aging concerns (Retinol Pads).
When should you start using anti-aging products?
Anti-aging products are great for almost everyone. It is a good idea to start using anti-aging products in your 20s, and to begin with using sunscreen on your face in your teens.
Which toner would you recommend for reducing pore size?
Both of our toners work great to reduce pore size and clean out follicles!
What is the difference between the toners?
The Peptide Balancing Toner is great for all skin types, except for sensitive skin. The gentle peptides and exfoliants are great for balancing pH, softening the skin, and tightening pores. The Clarifying Acne Toner is great for acne-prone skin, oily skin, combination skin, and targets sweat and oil. This toner contains Salicylic Acid which effectively kills bacteria and oil, and also addresses acne. It is great to use post-workout as well, after you are sweaty and dirty.