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Our Newest Addition: Advanced Brightening Kits

If you’re an OG lover of A|N skincare products, then I am sure you are so excited right now! Why? Because you know that we once carried Brightening Pads that were top sellers. However, we discontinued them some time ago, and we have been re-formulating them for what seems like years now (it’s actually been about 10-12 months but we know how popular these are)! The wait was so worth it, and we can’t wait for you to grab these new pads! 


What you can expect from the Advanced Brightening Kit:

  • Brighter skin that no longer looks dull
  • A more radiant complexion from the powerful blend of botanical skin brighteners and antioxidants 
  • A noticeable improvement of sun damage
  • Reduced signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin
  • Skin that feels balanced and soothed, with less redness 

The brand new Advanced Brightening Kits are truly ah-mazing for anyone and everyone! This 3-step kit is an easy-to-use product that immediately works to target sun damage, uneven skin tone, and dark spots to reveal a glowing, brighter complexion. Ingredients such as Kojic Acid, Alpha-Arbutin, Bearberry, Vitamin C, White Mulberry, Green Tea, and Milk Thistle all work together to improve signs of aging, provide antioxidant protection, and even reduce redness and irritation.


Breaking Down the Ingredients 

Kojic Acid - Kojic Acid, sometimes nicknamed “Koji” (Ko-Gee), is a powerful skin-lightening ingredient that prevents the formation of tyrosine, which is an amino acid that is needed to produce melanin. Melanin is the pigment that affects hair, skin and even eye color. Because it inhibits melanin production, kojic acid lightens the skin and removes dark spots, sun damage, and even lightens melasma. 

Alpha Arbutin/Bearberry Extract - This naturally occurring antioxidant and skin brightener is found in the bearberry plant. It also reduces melanin formation, improving the appearance of age spots, melasma, and even PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). It is a sugar molecule that is very similar to hydroquinone, and is often called the “natural hydroquinone” alternative. It is much more gentle and tolerable for various skin types as it poses minimal irritation to the skin barrier. It is also a tyrosinase inhibitor, like Kojic Acid, and it slows down melanosome maturation as well, allowing it to work on two different mechanisms of pigmentation.

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) - Vitamin C is a widely known antioxidant that not only protects the skin and fights harmful free radicals, but also improves collagen synthesis and brightens the skin. Being a tyrosinase inhibitor, it effectively brightens and evens skin tone and even reduces inflammation in the skin. 

White Mulberry - This antioxidant calms signs of irritation and fades uneven skin tone. Natural flavonoids found within this antioxidant are what keep the skin tone looking even and glowing, and also soothe and reduce environmental stressors from impacting the skin negatively. 

Green Tea Extract - Green tea is such a powerful antioxidant that not only soothes and calms inflammation and redness, but also protects the skin from damage, boosts collagen, and can balance skin tone. 

Licorice Root Extract - This root is phenomenal at calming the skin and reducing irritation, and it can even positively impact dermatitis and eczema. The glycyrrhizin found in licorice can reduce redness and irritation in a quick and effective way, and really helps balance the skin.

Milk Thistle - A powerful antioxidant, milk thistle is incredible at evening skin tone, reducing signs of aging, and boosting the skin’s appearance. Flavonoids also brighten and even the skin, revealing a desirable skin tone. 

The blend found in these pads is like no other as it was created with our customers in mind. Many of you have sensitive skin but want to use actives that can bring noticeable results, and this pad is perfect for this scenario! The ingredients are still potent and extremely effective, but come without the side effects and irritation that often is associated with highly potent products.


Comparing the Old with the New

Our OG Brightening Pads contained ingredients such as Alpha-Arbutin, Ascorbic Acid, and Kojic Acid which are all found in our new Advanced Brightening Kits. However, they did not include botanical extracts such as Bearberry Extract, Green Tea Extract, Licorice Root Extract, or Milk Thistle. They also contained lower percentages of Kojic Acid and Vitamin C. The old formula did contain a few other acids, but because of this, they were not ideal for all skin types.

We also recently carried a product called HQ pads, which are now discontinued. These pads helped brighten the skin and remove pigmentation thanks to an ingredient called hydroquinone. However, the FDA has recently banned the distribution of hydroquinone (or HQ) unless you have a prescription from a doctor. HQ is very potent and can thin the skin, making the skin barrier more sensitive, which is most likely why it requires a prescription moving forward. Our new brightening kits are different in that they don’t contain HQ, but they do contain an ingredient very similar to it (alpha-arbutin) but without the side effects! It is very gentle for the skin!


Instructions for Preparing and Using the Advanced Brightening Kits:

Included is a powder mixture, liquid solution, and jar of dry pads.


  • Pour all of the Brightening Powder into the Mixing Solution
  • Place cap tightly on Mixing Solution and shake well for 30-60 seconds until fully dissolved, pointing away from your face
  • Pour the resulting mixture over the dry pads, close the lid, and wash hands thoroughly
  • Allow pads to absorb solution for at least 12 hours before first use


  • To use, with clean hands, grab one pad out of the jar
  • Gently rub the pad onto the skin, focusing on areas of concern
  • Apply evenly over face, avoiding the eye area
  • Pads can be used on the face, neck, and chest as long as the skin is not sensitive
  • Begin using once per day, working up to twice daily
  • Do not rinse solution off face
  • Tight cap after use to prevent pads from drying out


Your New Favorite Skin Pad

These pads were designed for all skin types and can improve many skin concerns. Not only will they help reduce pesky pigmentation, they will also soothe, balance, and calm the skin, which can subsequently help balance skin tone. Oh, and they are pregnancy and breastfeeding safe, so to any of you mamas dealing with hormonally driven pigment, we’ve got you!

If you have acne, signs of aging, sun damage, or even redness, these pads are going to help you find that confidence you have been looking for! We can’t wait to see how well these work for you, and we know you are going to love adding them into your skincare routine!


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