Let’s chat about one of our top-selling products, HydraGlow Tinted SPF, and why we have launched a new, updated formulation! 

As you know, your feedback and input is the MOST important thing to me when it comes to creating skincare and beauty products that you love. So with that said, I have listened to your constant feedback asking for a tinted sunscreen that is less “oily” and shiny,  tinted sunscreen that absorbs into the skin and doesn’t feel like it is sitting on your skin, something that is more of a natural tone versus yellow hue, and that minimizes pores and acts as a primer! 

I’ve been working for some time now on leveling up this already-amazing product, and I am SO proud to announce that this upgraded formula checks all of these boxes, and then some! Here are some key upgrades we made to the formula: 

  • Matte finish versus “wet”
  • More natural tint versus yellow hue
  • Acts as a primer before makeup
  • Minimizes pores and fine lines
  • Absorbs into skin vs sitting on skin
  • Acne-safe and won’t cause oily skin
  • Balances moisture and hydration
  • All-day oil control 
  • SPF 50 instead of SPF 44
  • No make-up, make-up look

This formula is broad-spectrum, 100% mineral based, and even calms the skin to prevent redness or irritation! We’ve added antioxidants to really increase your results! 

Here are some FAQs that we wanted to answer regarding the new formulation!

What is the main difference between the old and new formula?

The most noticeable change with the new formula is how it feels and looks on the skin. The new formula is more matte and absorbs into the skin, whereas our old formula is more dewy and “wet” looking. The new formula feels like silk and absorbs super easily, where the old formula feels as if it sits on top of the skin. You’ll notice that the new formula has a better, more natural tone to it as well, which mimics your natural skin tone better. 

Do I get the same amount of product?

Yes! You get the same amount of product, but it comes in new packaging, that is easier to dispense. The pump has changed so that air doesn’t get trapped, which has caused issues in the past with how it dispenses. 

Why did we change the formula?

The main reason for the change is to improve upon an already-amazing product. We constantly listen to your feedback and input, and many of you are looking for something that is a little less dewy, that feels silky on the skin. We have also had complaints with the packaging, which we have upgraded. We also boosted the ingredient profile and added more antioxidants, which help provide better protection and healthier skin overall! The SPF itself is also higher, as it is now an SPF of 50! 

Is the shade universal?

Yes! It is a universal shade that more naturally suits most skin tones. 

Is there more coverage with this formula?

The coverage is very similar to our old formula, where it provides a nice, even-looking glow! 

Is this product good for everyone?

Yes! It is gentle and safe for everyone to use. If you have Fitzpatrick 5 or 6 skin type, you may want to mix it with bronzer. 

Is the SPF the same?

The SPF is now higher, as it has gone from a 44 to SPF 50. 

Will the old formula be available still?

It has been discontinued and will not be available.

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