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ANbassador Set Up

Hey girl hey!!! Now is the time to get you all set up on our system and get this party started! In this email, you will be able to join our private FB group, purchase your starter kit, get set up on our back office and set up your monthly subscription. KEEP THIS PAGE HANDY! Make sure that you save our email in your contacts as well as mark it not junk if it's coming up that way. We will be emailing you from our ANbassador email



You will be receiving 15% commission on ALL sales used on your link as well as 15% back on all of your personal purchases.

Keep in mind: Once a new customer purchases through your link, they become your customer for life. What this means is that every purchase they ever make (regardless of if they use your link or not) will be associated to you as well.














That's it for now! We will be in contact more through email and our Facebook group. If you have any issues, please do not DM us on social media, please email us