Why A Morning Skincare Routine Is So Important

Why A Morning Skincare Routine Is So Important

September 21, 2021
In the morning, it can be hectic and busy, but there is one step in our daily routine that should never be skipped, and that is completing your morning skincare regimen!


I find that a lot of people tend to think that an AM routine is pointless, but in reality, your morning routine is just as important, if not more important, than having a routine at night.


A nighttime routine often addresses specific needs of the skin such as anti-aging or acne. Nighttime skincare also deeply cleanses the skin after a long day of getting it dirty (make-up, sweating, being outside, etc). Because of this, it may seem like there is no need for a morning routine, but please think again! 


A morning routine is crucial for a variety of reasons. Not only is it a no brainer that we want to start our day with clean skin, but it is also imperative that we prepare our skin to take on the day as we expose ourselves to pollution, the sun, sweat, and more. Just think of it this way: a nighttime and morning skincare routine work together as a team, keeping the skin as healthy as possible at all times. One without the other is not nearly as effective!



Here are 3 reasons why a morning routine is a must:


1. Removes impurities from the skin and keeps the skin clear.


While sleeping, your skin is regenerating and turning over skin cells. It is imperative that we cleanse in the AM to support this exfoliation process and keep the pores clear. While sleeping, our skin produces oil and may come in contact with dirty surfaces (ahem – pillow cases that haven’t been washed!) that could cause the skin to get congested. 



2. Improves hydration


It is common for the skin to dry out overnight, especially in cold and dry environments. It is important that in the AM, we support the skin barrier by moisturizing to prevent dryness and improve the overall appearance of the skin. Worth mentioning here: dehydrated skin will then over-produce oil, leaving the skin looking greasy and shiny. So improving hydration is a must for a gorgeous complexion! 



3. Protects the skin


If you do your AM routine for one reason, let it be this: protecting your skin! The sun’s rays are very damaging to the skin, and incorporating a facial SPF of 30-50 into your morning skincare routine is so important to get in the habit of doing daily! Also, antioxidants help protect the skin from things like pollution, sun damage, and aging, so applying antioxidants daily is also an important thing to do.








A skincare routine could easily include 10+ products, but let’s be real: do we honestly have time for that every day? Probably not. As long as you are doing these key steps, you should be good to go and on your way to healthy and happy skin!





Always choose a cleanser that is best for your skin type! If you are on the sensitive or dry side, or you are totally new to medical grade skincare, start with our Gentle Foamy Cleanser. If you have normal/combination, oily, acne-prone skin, opt for the Daily Essential Cleanser. You’ll use just one pump and wash your entire face to start with a clean slate! 





We love toner because it gives the skin a secondary step to remove oil and debris from the pores, and it also balances the pH of the skin. Balanced pH is so important for skin health and for preventing breakouts! It is also crucial for smooth skin as it can improve texture and exfoliate the skin gently. The Peptide Balancing Toner is a great one to add in for almost all skin types and can be sprayed/misted directly onto the skin or can be applied to a cotton round and rubbed across the face.





This step is optional but highly suggested for protecting the skin and focusing on anti-aging! Serums typically are packed with anti-aging ingredients and/or antioxidants that protect the skin. The most popular serums out there are Hyaluronic Acid serums and Vitamin C serums – we really love our HA Collagen Boosting Cream and our Brightening C Serum. For the HA cream, you will apply a pump of this to the entire face (it looks more like a cream but it acts like a serum), and with the Brightening C Serum, you will apply 3-5 drops on the face and pat into the skin! 





No matter what skin type you have, moisturizing is key in the morning! A good moisturizer will keep your skin soft and supple without feeling overly thick or greasy. If your skin is more on the oily side, opt for a light oil-free moisturizer like the Daily Hydration moisturizer. If you are very dry or sensitive, you’ll want the Intensive Nourishing Cream instead. Apply 1-2 pumps to the entire face.



Eye Cream


Eye creams specifically treat the delicate skin around the eyes, and we really love our Nourishing Eye Cream as it not only address fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, but it also improves bags and dark circles! Just use ½ a pump and apply gently under and around the eyes.





The final and most important step: SPF baby! You want to apply a sunscreen specifically designed for the face that is an SPF of 30-50. Use 1-2 pumps on the entire face (and even the neck and chest!), and blend into the skin. We love our HydraGlow Tinted SPF 44 as it not only hydrates and protects the skin, but it also gives the skin a lovely glow and evens skin tone. If you don’t like tinted sunscreen, check out our Mineral Face & Body SPF!







In total, this should take about 10 minutes. Having a morning routine is totally worth the little bit of commitment required in the morning when you see how glowy your skin looks and how confident you feel with your complexion! And hey, it is a form of self-care before your crazy day begins, so win win!