What Causes A

What Causes A "Dirty Upper Lip"?

July 28, 2020

The other day, I posted on my IG story (@ashnordman) about the "dirty upper lip" I once had. I was shocked when the messages started rolling in. "I HAVE THAT TOO!"... "How do I get rid of it?"... "What is it!" I had so many concerned ladies coming to me for advice on this.
What causes this "dirty upper lip" is actually a skin condition called melasma. It is one of the most common skin conditions women face, because female hormones can often trigger it. I am re-posting my IG stories here in my blog, where I talk about what melasma is, and how to treat it!
In my situation, hormones, sun exposure, and underlying inflammation triggered my melasma.
I only experienced melasma above my top lip, but it can appear in other areas on the face. It wasn't until I got off birth control pills, balanced my hormones, started getting consistent skincare treatments and using brightening skincare products (like my brightening pads), that I was able to get it gone!
Brightening skincare products and treatments such as microneedling with PRP (the PRP is the MAIN thing that combats pigment - I will expand on this in another post!), as well as wearing daily sunscreen (!!!!!) have worked best for my melasma.
Brightening ingredients such as Kojic acid, vitamin c and even Malic acid are found in my brightening pads.
Most lasers don't work well for melasma. This is because they produce heat, which can trigger melasma and make it worse!
It wasn't until I stopped birth control and then added in treatments/skincare that my pigment went away. Melasma is often PESKY! It is tough! It is frustrating! But if you are consistent (and persistent), you can improve it and even your skin tone, it just takes time.