How To Fight Wrinkles Without Botox!

How To Fight Wrinkles Without Botox!

January 30, 2021
I want NO WRINKLES but I don’t want to do Botox... help❗️ I get asked this a lawttttt. So let’s chat about it.

I’m gonna shoot it straight... wrinkles are inevitable. Our skin naturally loses volume as we age, and due to things like medications, sun damage, and genetics, it just happens 🤷🏼‍♀️ We ALL develop wrinkles!

Now with that being said, there is always a solution 😉 and we can happily work towards reducing fine lines & wrinkles, or preventing them from becoming extremely deep and obvious.

So what are a few things you can do right now to prevent wrinkles? I gotchu 😎.

1️⃣. WEAR YOUR DANG SUNSCREEN 🧴!!!!! I will say this every single day on IG til it haunts you if I must 😂 Not only is skin cancer the most common form of cancer in the US, but PHOTOAGING is the number one skin concern in my industry! And because of this, just trust me, and wear SPF. It not only protects your skin from harmful rays, but it also prevents collagen breakdown aka keeping that skin firm!

2️⃣. Use RETINOL! Retinol is an amazingggg ingredient for removing fine lines and keeping the skin tight and toned! Retinol supports collagen production and increases skin cell turnover, meaning that it gets rid of dead and damaged skin cells & helps create brand new, healthy skin cells! Retinol is great at smoothing fine lines and improving skin texture!

3️⃣. Apply skincare products with VITAMIN C! Vitamin C is a precursor to collagen production, meaning it’s essential for creating collagen in the body! Vitamin C can also fight signs of aging as it is an amazing antioxidant for the skin!

4️⃣. EXFOLIATION! My personal favorite way to exfoliate the skin is to see a licensed aesthetician! Get a facial, peel, microdermabrasion, HydraFacial, lasers, microneedling; anything that gets rid of dead skin cells and helps stimulate new ones! All of this helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles 🥰.

Facial massage, microcurrent, and facial tools can all benefit the skin and keep it tight as well! But please remember, having fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin isn’t 100% preventable. It’s a natural part of aging, but it’s all about aging gracefully ya feel? 😜