Gentle Foamy Cleanser, Restorative Eye Cream, and Intensive Repair Cream

Gentle Foamy Cleanser, Restorative Eye Cream, and Intensive Repair Cream

August 16, 2021

A|N Skin released some game changing products that are sure to please everyone! With a foamy cleanser that is ideal for all skin types, an amazingly restorative eye cream that has endless benefits, and a recovery/night cream that is sure to please, there is a need for ALL of these in your routine!


To begin, the Gentle Foamy Cleanser is a mild, foaming cleanser that gently removes dirt and impurities from the skin without drying it out. It also reduces irritation and inflammation, and soothes the skin. This cleanser is ideal for sensitive skin or post-procedure, but ALL skin types can use it. The greatest part about this cleanser is that it immediately comes out as a foam, so there is no need to emulsify it or rub it together in order to make it sudsy!


If you have rosacea, irritated skin (from retinol, acids, or procedures such as peels), dry skin, extreme sensitivity from weather or using harsh creams on the face, extremely inflamed and irritated acne, or eczema, the Gentle Foamy Cleanser is going to be ideal for you! 




If you use the A|N Daily Essential Cleanser, you will notice that it comes out in a gel and you must emulsify it (add water to it and rub your hands together to foam it up) in order for it to get sudsy. I personally like emulsifying my Daily cleanser (that’s the inner estie in me), and I love lathering it on my face. However, if you prefer a cleanser that comes out foamy already, you may want to try the Gentle Foamy Cleanser! This is the biggest difference between the two. The next difference is that the Gentle cleanser is not going to cleanse the skin as deeply, so I wouldn’t personally recommend it for people who want to use it for removing make up, for oily or combination skin, or for extremely dirty skin. The Daily cleanser is going to be much better suited for people when it comes to removing oil, make up, and dirt as it contains ingredients that exfoliate the skin a little more deeply. Some people do get a little dry from our Essential cleaner, and if that is you, then you may like the Gentle cleanser more as it won’t cause dryness or remove as much oil from the skin.


Next up, let’s talk about A|N’s first eye cream! The Restorative Eye Cream is not only hydrating for the skin, but also improves dark circles, thinning under-eye skin and crow's feet! Clinically proven with a 5-in-1 active ingredient profile, this cream is truly a miracle worker as it improves the eye and under-eye area in multiple ways.

Peptides and vitamins promote collagen production, increase the strength of the delicate under eye skin, and stimulate circulation around the eyes. On the surface, Restorative Eye Cream provides immediate relief from dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. An added bonus is that this lightweight formula won't clog pores, cause whiteheads or milia to build up under the eyes (like some eye creams do), and you won't even notice that it's on your face after you apply it! This cream is safe for all skin types (even acne prone!) and will start working right away.

I would suggest using it 1-2x a day and to only use a little bit of product – if you use a full pump, that may be too much! Gently push down on the pump, but not all the way, and try to use about a pea size amount. Another tip: It is best to apply with your pinky finger gently under and around the eyes, as you will most likely apply less pressure using your pinky and this is best for that delicate skin around the eyes (tugging and pulling on the eye skin is not good!). Whenever you apply it in your routine in the morning, it should always be your LAST step before sunscreen! If you apply at night, it will be your last step.

Lastly, let’s talk about night cream! This one really excites me because I’ve honestly never been a huge night cream person (since I don’t have dry skin), but I cannot live without this now that I’ve created it! Think of it as: Recovery cream meets night cream! The Intensive Nourishing Cream is not only great to use for recovering skin (skin that is dry, irritated, or post-procedure – I just used it after getting a peel and my redness was gone instantly), but it also can be used as a nightly cream to boost hydration and heal in the skin. This formula is specially created with yeast extract and cactus extract, which are incredible for the skin’s barrier after AHAs, retinol, peels, dry weather, and more. But honestly, just using it nightly as a night cream has truly helped with smoothing my skin and giving me a healthy-looking, hydrated appearance when I wake up! 

This night cream also down-regulates inflammation and reduces redness almost instantly, so if you’re ever super red or irritated, throw this on! Packed with four different ceramides, it restores the skin's barrier, decreases water loss from the skin, increases hydration and moisture, and helps boost recovery. All skin types can benefit from this, especially those with sensitive skin and conditions like rosacea or eczema. Night cream is always the last thing to go on at night, besides eye cream.

As you can see, these three new staples are about to be a must in your routine. There is always a place for a cleanser that foams, eye creams will help drastically with our appearance as we age, and having a night cream that also doubles as a recovery cream is a dream!