2% HQ Pads to Brighten Your Day & Skin!

2% HQ Pads to Brighten Your Day & Skin!

April 26, 2021

Many of us are looking to address concerns like sun damage, age spots, melasma, post-acne scarring, and discoloration on the skin. At AN Skin & Beauty, we created 2% HQ pads, which are an advanced approach to the treatment of these pesky pigment disorders! “HQ” stands for Hydroquinone, which is a key ingredient in our skin pads.

If you haven’t heard of this ingredient before, it is a skin lightening ingredient that is extremely potent and effective at prohibiting the formation of melanin. This is imperative, as melanin is what creates darker pigment in the skin, creating uneven skin tone. Stopping this pigmentation formation in its tracks, and even reversing it, is what can then even out skin tone and improve overall clarity of the skin. Hydroquinone, again, is the best way to address this! 

Our 2% HQ pads are pre-soaked with the correct amount of product to be delivered onto the skin, which makes it fool-proof when it comes to using too much or too little per application! These pads can be used on the entire face, neck, and even chest area, just be sure to patch test first (the neck and chest can be sensitive as we don’t tend to use a lot of products on these areas!). And ALWAYS make sure you wear sunscreen when using skin lightening skincare products. Sunscreen will not only improve results by fighting further damage, but it will also protect the skin as hydroquinone can make the skin more sensitive to the sun.

When using these pads, always apply at night after cleansing, and avoid the eye area. Do not use any other pads or active ingredients after the HQ pads, but be sure to moisturize! These pads do contain vitamin E, which hydrates the skin, but moisturizing after use will also help from the skin becoming dry, as hydroquinone can make the skin feel slightly less hydrated at times.

As with most things, it takes time to see results. Best results are noticed after consistent use for 8 weeks or more, while also using sunscreen daily. It is suggested to use skincare products with Hydroquinone for 5 months at a time, and then to take a 3 month break before using again. These pads are safe for all skin types, but as with any medical grade products, start slow and let your skin adjust! You will absolutely love the benefits you see from using these HQ pads, as they brighten and lighten the skin, evening your complexion and boosting confidence!